Sir Rashbehari Ghosh Mahavidyalaya

Any H.S. pass candidate can apply for the General Course in the college. But it is mandatory for a candidate to get at least 45% in the H.S. exam to apply for Honours course. The application of a candidate who is a H.S. pass out in the year 2014 or its previous year will not be considered.

A candidate has to be present in at least 75% of the lectures offered by the college. Otherwise he/she will not be allowed to sit for the final examination of the university. Any trivial alibi will not be entertained. The college authority is determined to maintain a strong sense of discipline within the campus. Any kind of violation of rule and misbehave will strictly be terminated by the authority.

Students are requested to use the library for their own enrichment. Due to some economic crisis the number of books is limited. Yet it is expected that the students will use the available text books and reference book through lending. There are more than 2000 books in the library. At present there is no reading room in the college due to lack space. The college authority has a serious concern in this matter and will definitely take necessary steps to develop a reading room.

As the college is newly set up it is obvious that the infrastructure of the college is yet to be standard. The college authority expects responsibility from the students to maintain a good academic spirit in the campus. The student has to bear his/her Identity Card issued by the authority in the college.

The first Students' Union of the College has been formed in the Academic Session 2014-2015. The Students' Union organise Freshers' Welcome in the campus of the college with a lot of spirit and enthusiasm. Games materials like cricket set, volleyball set, football set and badminton set have already been supplied to the students.