Origin And History


A renowned Indian politician, lawyer, social worker Sir Rashbehari Ghosh was born on 23 December 1845 in the village Torkona of Khandaghosh in Burdwan. Rashbehari Ghosh was educated at Burdwan Raj Collegiate School and then he entered the Presidency College of Calcutta. He obtained a first class in the M.A. examination in English. In 1871 he passed with honours the Law examination and in 1884 he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Laws.

Ghosh was a member of the Indian National Congress and leaned towards the moderate wing. Incidentally, he became the President of the Congress for two terms in 1907 and in 1908. During the periods 1891–94 and 1906–09 Ghosh became a member of the Bengal Legislative Council. It is a matter of pride that he was knighted in 1915 and he was offered an honorary DL degree from Calcutta University in 1884.

It is a matter of lamentation that he died on 28th February, 1921. Hope the authority of the college will be influenced by his progressive ideological outlook. The present College Authority has already taken a decision to publish a book about this renowned personality.