Academic Activities

Degree Programmes :


The following are the Courses offered in the Degree College.

B.A. Honours Subjects:

1. Bengali Honours
2. English Honours
3. History Honours
4. Political Science Honours
5. Sanskrit Honours
6. Philosophy Honours

B.A. General Subjects:

1. Bengali
2. English
3. History
4. Political Science
5. Sanskrit
6. Philosophy
7. Education


Outline of Choice Based Credit System:

1. Core Course:
A course, which should compulsorily be studied by a candidate as a core requirement is termed as a Core course.

2. Elective Course:
Generally a course which can be chosen from a pool of courses and which may be very specific or specialized or advanced or supportive to the discipline/subject of study or which provides an extended scope or which enables an exposure to some other discipline/subject/domain or nurtures the candidate's proficiency/skill is called an Elective Course.
2.1. Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) Course:
Elective courses may be offered by the main discipline/subject of study is referred to as Discipline Specific Elective. The University/Institute may also offer discipline related Elective courses of interdisciplinary nature (to be offered by main discipline/subject of study).

2.2. Dissertation/Project:
An elective course designed to acquire special/advanced knowledge, such as supplement study/support study to a project work, and a candidate studies such a course on his own with an advisory support by a teacher/faculty member is called dissertation/project.

2.3. Generic Elective (GE) Course:
An elective course chosen generally from an unrelated discipline/subject, with an intention to seek exposure is called a Generic Elective. P.S.: A core course offered in a discipline/subject may be treated as an elective by other discipline/subject and vice versa and such electives may also be referred to as Generic Elective.

3. Ability Enhancement Courses (AEC):
The Ability Enhancement (AE) Courses may be of two kinds: Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC) and Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC). "AECC" courses are the courses based upon the content that leads to Knowledge enhancement; i. Environmental Science and ii. English/MIL Communication. These are mandatory for all disciplines. SEC courses are value-based and/or skill-based and are aimed at providing hands-on-training, competencies, skills, etc.

3.1. Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC):
Environmental Science, English Communication/MIL Communication.

3.2. Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC):
These courses may be chosen from a pool of courses designed to provide value-based and/or skill-based knowledge.

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