About Sir Rashbehari Ghosh

A renowned Indian politician, lawyer and a social worker, Sir Rashbehari Ghosh was born on 23rd December 1845 in the village of Torkona of Khandaghosh in Burdwan. Rashbehari Ghosh was educated at Burdwan Raj Collegiate School. Passing the entrance examination, he entered the prestigious Presidency College, Calcutta and achieved a degree I Masters in English. In the year 1871, he passed the Law Examination with Honours and in 1884,, he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Laws. His close association with the University of Calcutta , made him a responsible member of the syndicate from the year 1887 to 1889. Soon he found his true calling in the nation’s struggle for independence. He was greatly supported by Gokhale’s political ideas and supported Gokhale’s scheme of compulsory primary education. He became a member of the Indian National Congress and was leaned towards the moderate wing. His first important appearance in politics was in 1905, when he presided over a meeting in the Calcutta Town Hall to protest against the offensive comments of Lord Curzon at the convocation ceremony held in the University of Calcutta. Incidentally he became the President of the Congress for annual sessions in 1907 and in 1908. A moderate in politics, he took a prominent position in the Swadeshi movement. He looked upon Swadeshi movement as a means for fostering indigenous industries.